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The guiding opinions on further promoting the development of the publishing industry, a programmatic document that provides specific directions and measures for the development of China's publishing industry, has been formulated. The General Administration of publication issued it recently

it is reported that the main goal of promoting the development of the publishing industry in China is to strive to complete the tasks entrusted to the development of the publishing industry by building a well-off society in an all-round way. The publishing productivity has increased significantly. The development speed of the publishing industry is higher than that of the GDP in the same period, and its proportion in the national economy has gradually increased. We will strive to quadruple the added value of the publishing industry compared with 2006 by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan

determine five major tasks for the development of the publishing industry

first, develop the traditional publishing industry of books, newspapers, periodicals and other paper media. Accelerate the transformation of the modern publishing industry from relying mainly on traditional paper media publishing products to the coexistence of multi-media publishing products. The second is to develop non paper media strategic emerging publishing industries such as digital publishing. Actively promote the transformation of audio-visual products and electronic publishing enterprises to digitalization and networking. Actively develop digital publishing, online publishing, publishing and other strategic emerging publishing formats characterized by digital content, digital production and digital transmission. Third, develop the animation and game publishing industry. Accelerate the development of national animation publishing industry, especially encourage the publishing of products such as networks and electronic games, and improve the quantity and quality of national animation and games. Fourth, develop printing and reproduction industries. Consolidate and expand the printing and reproduction industries such as publication printing, packaging and decoration printing, other printing, and CD-ROM reproduction, recordable CD production. Fifth, develop publishing circulation and logistics industries. Strengthen the construction of large-scale modern publishing and circulation organizations characterized by cross regional chain operation, information management and modern logistics, focus on cultivating a number of national and regional publishing and modern circulation enterprises and enterprise groups with prominent main businesses and strong radiation, and build a number of regional publishing and logistics centers that radiate across the country

six measures to promote the development of the publishing industry

deepen the reform of the publishing system and create qualified market players and backbone enterprises. Encourage and support the cross media, cross industry, cross regional, cross-border and cross ownership restructuring of publishing backbone enterprises, and focus on cultivating 67 domestic first-class and internationally renowned large-scale publishing enterprises with assets of more than 10 billion yuan and sales of more than 10 billion yuan within three to five years

using high and new technology to promote the transformation of the development mode and structural adjustment of the publishing industry; Implement major project construction to drive the development of publishing industry; Build publishing industrial belts, industrial parks and industrial bases, and give full play to the advantages of industrial clusters; Build a modern market system and give play to the fundamental role of the market in resource allocation

implement major project construction to drive the development of the publishing industry. Seize the opportunity of the state to increase its investment in the publishing industry, strengthen the organization and implementation of major public service projects such as national major publishing projects, ethnic minority publishing Dongfeng project, rural Bookstore project, national reading project and cultural environmental protection project, promote the equalization of basic public services, and promote the orderly and rapid development of the publishing industry

build publishing industrial belts, industrial parks and industrial bases, and give full play to the advantages of industrial clusters. Focus on the development of ethnic minority language publishing, digital publishing, copyright creative and other industrial parks and bases, and vigorously promote the construction of national industrial parks and bases. Encourage southwest and northwest regions to develop publishing industry clusters with distinctive regional and national characteristics. Support the construction of characteristic printing and reproduction industrial belts in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai rim, revitalize the printing industry in the northeast, and promote the development and rise of the printing industry in the central and western regions

build a modern market system and give play to the fundamental role of the market in resource allocation. Under the conditions permitted by national policies, we should make full use of various channels such as issuing corporate bonds, introducing domestic and foreign strategic investment, and listing financing to finance enterprises. Carry out strategic cooperation with state-owned banks and relevant financial institutions, speed up the establishment and development of credit guarantee mechanisms for small and medium-sized publishing enterprises, and allow investors to invest in the establishment of publishing enterprises based on the evaluation of intangible assets such as intellectual property rights

guide and regulate the orderly entry of non-public capital into the publishing industry. Encourage, support and guide non-public capital to enter the fields permitted by the policy in various forms. Encourage and support non-public cultural enterprises to engage in printing, distribution and other publishing industry related business activities. Guide and regulate non-public cultural enterprises invested and established by individuals and private capital to participate in the publishing activities of professional books such as science and technology, finance and economics, teaching aids, music and art, children's books in an orderly manner by means of content provision, project cooperation, as a department of state-owned publishing enterprises, etc. Encourage and support non-public cultural enterprises to develop overseas publishing markets

four measures to promote the publishing industry to go global

strengthen support for foreign trade, copyright export and cooperative publishing of publishing products. Support publishing enterprises to combine their own advantages and characteristics, produce more publishing products suitable for overseas markets, and enter overseas markets in a variety of ways. Support publishing enterprises to use advanced scientific and technological achievements to innovate product forms, expand communication channels, and enhance the influence of Chinese culture

support publishing enterprises of various ownership to invest and set up entities abroad. We will support qualified publishing enterprises to establish overseas cooperatives, factories and stores by means of new establishment, acquisition and cooperation, so as to realize the landing and localization of publishing enterprises abroad. Support overseas investment that meets the provisions of the national export Guidance Catalogue in terms of policies, resources, information, services, etc

give full play to the role of international cooperation networks and platforms. Encourage publishing enterprises to cooperate with internationally renowned cultural production, brokerage and marketing institutions, build marketing networks and teams focusing on Europe, America, surrounding countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and innovate marketing methods and means. Support publishing enterprises to participate in major international exhibitions and cultural activities such as the Frankfurt International Book Fair, build an influential international publishing and copyright trading platform such as the Beijing International Book Fair, and play its positive role in promoting cultural products and services

provide services for the publishing industry to go global and reduce the friction coefficient; Business. Formulate the overall plan and strategic objectives of going out, and realize the going out of publishing enterprises, brands and capital based on the going out of publications and copyrights. We often encounter more or less the problem of pulling machine displacement. Set up overseas publication promotion centers and implement the translation talent pool project. Strengthen the research on the cultural market and policy environment of relevant countries, and help publishing enterprises develop overseas markets

five policies to ensure the development of the publishing industry

the Guiding Opinions also puts forward a series of policies to ensure the development of the publishing industry:

implement various preferential policies to promote the development of the publishing industry. We should make good use of a series of preferential policies that the State supports the transformation of cultural units and the development of cultural enterprises, formulate and implement relevant supporting policies to support the development of the publishing industry in conjunction with relevant departments, and give full play to the role of policies in guiding, encouraging and ensuring the development of the publishing industry

increase investment in the development of the publishing industry. Actively strive for financial support at all levels, and support the development of the publishing industry by means of interest discounts, subsidies, incentives, etc. Make good use of special funds for publicity and cultural development, national publishing fund, special funds for Folk Literature Publishing, special funds for rural Bookstore project, special funds for supporting the development of animation industry, special funds for going global and other special financial funds

scientifically allocate publishing resources. For publishing enterprises with cross regional development, advantageous publishing industries, and regions with strong reform and rapid development, priority allocation and policy preference should be given to publishing resources

improve the regulatory system and legal system to ensure the development of the publishing industry. Focusing on ensuring and promoting the development of the publishing industry, we should carefully study and improve the legal system of publishing units, access and exit system, competent hosting system, new media publishing service system and other relevant legal systems

strengthen the talent guarantee of China's publishing industry for continuous innovation and development in the field of advanced extrusion technology. With the goal of cultivating various leading figures in publishing, we should make an overall plan to build a team of leading talents, management talents, professional and technical talents, especially compound talents, and cultivate a group of famous authors, famous, famous, industry technical experts, publishers and entrepreneurs. We will speed up talent training and team training, set up special funds for talent training, and cultivate, attract and condense excellent talents by means of targeted training, open recruitment, and introduction outside the industry. We will improve the professional qualification system for professional and technical personnel in publishing, focus on career access and job access, and constantly improve the quality of grass-roots talent teams

according to statistics, in 2009, China will promote key enterprises in the petrochemical and surface coating industries to implement governance, and the total output value of the publishing industry will exceed trillion. At present, China has 1943 newspapers, 9549 periodicals and 580 book publishing units. There are more than 120000 state-owned, private, foreign-funded and joint venture issuing enterprises in China. The variety and total volume of books, newspapers and electronic publications have ranked first in the world for five consecutive years

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