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Ningxia 50 Daqing printing products are subject to quality supervision and testing together

in May, China has not only become the world's number one producer of wood plastic composite new materials. From January 1, all publications related to the content of Ningxia 50 Daqing printed in Ningxia or commissioned by relevant publishing units will be subject to the comprehensive supervision and testing of the quality of its printing products by the Publishing Bureau of the autonomous region

in order to ensure the quality of 50 Daqing printing products in the autonomous region, the current Bureau of publishing of the autonomous region has decided to adopt the methods of inspection, sampling and on-site inspection throughout the region from May 1 this year to make a selective movement on the 50 Daqing chips in the autonomous region printed in Ningxia - various publications produced by the end face and vertical universal friction and wear experimental machine preparation office and commissioned, authorized or agreed by the 50 Daqing Preparatory Office of the autonomous region, Daqing theme publications published by relevant publishing units; Ningxia printing enterprises accept the entrustment of relevant publishing units to print various publications involving 50 Daqing contents; Quality supervision of newspapers, periodicals and internal information publications involving 50 Daqing contents printed in Ningxia 6 Bending angle: 180 ° ± 5 ° detection

at the same time, in the quality inspection activities, all kinds of illegal printing business activities, acts of printing inferior printing products, infringement and piracy, and printing of printing products containing content expressly prohibited by the state will be seriously investigated and dealt with according to law to ensure cultural safety

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