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5% of the annual sales of "Haitian plastic machine" is used for research and development

in such a large workshop, the machines roar, horizontal machining centers, CNC turning centers, and workers skillfully operate the buttons. This is a scene that can be seen everywhere in Haitian plastic machine factory

there are more than 140 injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises in Ningbo, with an annual output of nearly 40000 injection molding machines and a sales volume of 8billion yuan. The annual output accounts for 1/3 of the world's total output, and the export volume accounts for more than 60% of the country's total export volume. However, from the perspective of structure, the high-end market is still monopolized by developed countries, and Ningbo products are mainly low-end small injection molding machines

facing the competition of international giants, how should China's plastic machinery equipment manufacturing industry be transformed and upgraded

there is no fist to inject a shot of cardiotonic into the renewable plastic market

Europe, America and Japan monopolize the high-end injection molding equipment market

injection molding machine is a kind of molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds to make plastic products of various shapes from thermoplastic or thermosetting materials. For a long time, European, American and Japanese enterprises have monopolized the technology and market of medium and high-end injection molding machines in the world, and the manufacturing level of injection molding equipment in China is not high

after years of technology introduction and innovation, a large number of star enterprises such as Haitian plastic machine and starfish plastic machine have emerged in China's injection molding machine industry. However, precision equipment such as biaxial stretching plastic film unit and precision medical catheter extrusion unit have been monopolized by other countries, while China's plastic machine industry still lacks fist products with independent intellectual property rights. Analysts said

it is understood that the scale of Germany's injection molding machine industry ranks first in the world, with exports accounting for more than 20% of global exports. Italy and Japan rank second and third respectively. Their injection molding machines are mainly high-tech and high value-added models such as precision injection molding machines and large-scale injection molding machines. Japanese electric injection molding machines have a market share of 30% in North America

innovation brings productivity

last year, the enterprise performance increased by 204.3% year-on-year

in Beilun, Ningbo, Haitian plastic machine, which started from a hardware processing workshop, has grown into a leader in China's plastic machine equipment manufacturing industry after 47 years of honing. Last year, the company sold 22000 injection molding machines, with sales of 6.3 billion yuan and operating cash flow of 1.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 204.3%

Zhang Jianming, executive director of Haitian plastic machinery, attributed such performance to innovation. Take the servo energy-saving injection molding machine as an example. Because of its ordinary asynchronism, when the interval between the two chucks changes, the motor and quantitative pump always provide constant flow with rated power and constant speed, and the energy loss is up to 45% to 75%. Haitian plastic machine uses the ordinary asynchronous motor as the servo motor, which can not only control the speed as required, but also control the position accuracy, achieve a theoretical reduction of 20% to 80%, and an average power saving of 50%

Zhejiang Chint electric (601877) has updated more than 100 Haitian servo machines to produce the same products, saving 2.04 million yuan per year only for electricity. In addition, the investment in cooling water equipment, electrical transformers, electrical wiring and other aspects has also decreased significantly. This has also benefited users. The sales volume of this product has accounted for more than 85% of the total sales volume of the group

this is the productivity brought by innovation. Zhang Jianming said that innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises. We invest 5% of our annual sales in research and development, which is rare in the same industry. As long as we can maintain the lasting competitiveness and vitality of enterprises, these investments are worth it

game with international giants

where is the domestic injection molding equipment manufacturing industry going

in Ningbo, the industrial cluster effect of injection molding machinery is very obvious. However, with the entry of German Demag, Japanese Sumitomo, Korean Yujin and other international plastic machine brands into China, 3 Using the dial indicator with magnet to hit the lower part of the broach (dial indicator Zeroing) the market competition has become extremely fierce, and where should the domestic plastic machine industry go

according to Zhang Jingzhang, President of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, Ningbo is already a world-class production base of injection molding machines in terms of quantity, but in terms of product structure, the high-end market is still monopolized by developed countries, and the added value of Ningbo's exported products is low

he knows Haitian plastic machine like the back of his hand. In order to develop new products, Haitian plastic machine once spent a lot of money to buy drawings from Japan and then research and explore; Set up R & D centers all over the world and hire senior engineers to be responsible for R & D; At the same time, it also worked with scientific research institutions of Zhejiang University, Beijing University of chemical technology and other universities to solve technical problems. In their sales, the contribution rate of new products reached 60%

however, Ningbo still has a long way to go to truly become a world-class production base of injection molding machines. The transformation must turn to high technology and core technology, so as to compete with international giants. Zhang Jingzhang, the accumulation of designers' experience, said

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