Five new low-power overhead passenger devices of t

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Five new types of low-power overhead passenger devices of coal machine are on the market

five new types of low-power overhead passenger devices of coal machine are on the market

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recently, five types of low-power overhead passenger devices of coal machine company of Jizhong equipment group (commonly known as "monkey car") obtained the safety mark certificate of mining products, marking that the product meets the national mining product use standard, It can be safely used for the auxiliary transportation of underground personnel in coal mines and put on the market. So far, the company has nearly 30 models of "monkey cars" with host power ranging from 22 kW to 132 kW

as the manufacturing and production base of auxiliary transportation equipment in China, the coal machinery company has a complete auxiliary transportation test site. The technical performance of the products developed and produced, such as special-shaped rail, all road condition rail cars, toothed rail cars, trackless rubber tyred vehicles, overhead passenger devices and so on, ranks first in the industry. It must be a long-distance race without end based on firm confidence. Many technologies of the "monkey car" products developed by the stone coal machinery company have obtained national patents. Its horizontal turning device and hanging box type "a) this machine adopts the domestic original dual up and down microcomputer controller (LCD and computer can be controlled separately or double control) monkey car", which fills the gap in the industry and establishes the domestic leading position of the company in the field of underground overhead passenger device technology in coal mines

22 kW low-power "monkey car" is a new product developed by the stone coal mining machinery company this year. Its structural form is "jumping table". It can be equipped with a fixed rope anchor with patented technology to prolong the service life. The fixed rope anchor and detachable rope anchor can be selected for one-way and two-way operation. The whole machine has high configuration, which is beautiful, exquisite, safe and efficient. It is especially suitable for the wellhead of small coal mines or narrow tunnels that cannot be crossed, And the market price is low, which provides safe, efficient, high-quality and low-cost personnel transportation equipment for small coal mine underground workers to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. At present, it has been put into use in domestic small coal mines, and the market application prospect is broad

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