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Analysis on the current situation and Strategies of China's label and packaging printing market

many departments in the printing industry may be worried about the future, but packaging and label printing are certainly not among them. Maintenance of oil source: regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source for two reasons. On the one hand, technological development constantly promotes the development of packaging quality. Through the production process from generation to post printing, a lot of advantages have emerged in recent years. On the other hand, product manufacturers and retailers are also constantly seeking high impact packaging that can produce sales. Mass market, luxury market according to the "China packaging industry development potential research and investment value evaluation report in", the consumer goods packaging market is divided into two overlapping market branches, luxury packaging and mass packaging, which have an impact on different aspects of packaging. In terms of mass packaging, the main focus is on using the packaging or display packaging of products, and distinguishing them from other similar goods in supermarkets or department stores, which can promote users' purchase decisions. In terms of the degree of concern of retailers, products do not need to provide major support in daily business. Unless there is some kind of joint promotion, retailers just put their products on the shelves, mark their prices, and win customers by packaging. Luxury packaging should also have influence at the point of sale, but the emphasis is on the purchase experience. When Apple iPad buyers enter the store, they have a concept of this product in advance, which is attributed to his lifestyle based on the brand image, which has been carefully cultivated by the manufacturer for decades. Once at the point of sale, the packaging must confirm these expectations and open the product packaging at home. The user needs to feel that he has made the right decision when buying. Apple perfected this unpacking ceremony, as shown in several YouTube clips. Therefore, the importance of commodity packaging has been continuously climbing in these two markets. The pressure line of raw material cost and energy cost has risen. This trend of drilling at the end of each plate spring may not be reversed soon. The fact is quite different, because ultimately no company targeting the consumer goods market will be unable to afford to invest in the packaging of goods. Technological progress according to the "China packaging industry development potential research and investment value evaluation report" shows that in technical terms, almost no branch of the printing industry will have so many changes as packaging and label printing. Among the new trends, the most important is that digital printing is progressing in various forms. In the creative phase, new software solutions using cloud computing help improve collaboration between all parties involved. The new visualization tool provides technical support for creative designers and developers when creating packaging solutions. The quality of the new offset printing machine has been further improved. The new digital printing machine can carry out short edition printing, and personalized packaging is possible. Technological developments in print finishing and post press processing have also made new applications possible. In the field of labels, there has been a trend towards digital printing and more personalized labels for a long time. The processing of RFID tags is becoming more and more important. At the same time, the printing electronic industry is also developing constantly. This industry has now left the laboratory and is finally used to make money by processing products for market use. The best design idea is the first step of production. In the past few months, the success of cloud computing is the distribution and collaborative work of digital content on the Internet, which has also brought many innovations to packaging design. For example, chili publishing company showed the third edition of chilipublisher software at the drupa printing exhibition in 2012, which is characterized by a new 3D folding module, which allows the packaging to be visualized at the design stage. Of course, this can be done by using appropriate 3D software packages before, but designers need a steep learning curve to use these applications, and chilipublisher software uses an interface similar to desktop publishing programs. At the same time, users or collaborators can access designs through cloud computing or using applications. Other companies showed suitable solutions, some uploading files to the server, and some forming documents of the design itself. These include such heavyweight companies, such as adobe. Ashley Pantone showed pantonelive on drupa. This is a new cloud computing application, which can ensure that the printed color and the company's logo can match when output on any possible substrate, whether on finely coated white cardboard or brown corrugated paper. For service providers, these new tools provide an opportunity to connect users more closely, and also an opportunity to provide deeper opinions

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