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Guangdong electric tool factory

Guangdong Yongxin electric tool

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Abstract: our company is specialized in the production of finished product inspection and single 1 material index test for suitable industrial and mining enterprises; And electrohydraulic servo universal material testing machine, sales Service in one General agent of Bode Malaysia, general agent of Baoshida Hong Kong, general agent of sanasifeng tools, general agent of Nantong Jietian tools, general agent of lechengchen nail gun, general agent of Taizhou Jinyang advanced brand electric hammer, general agent of Taizhou Boya brand electric hammer, general agent of Taizhou Borui electric, general agent of Nantong Dewei Guangdong, general agent of Nantong Jufeng tool factory The general agent of sword brand Guangdong Yongxin tools is based on honesty. Bank of communications of China: user: Qiu Shengya account number: 4581 23371018 5014 China Post: user: Qiu Shengya account number: 605 8824812 foam granulator 0089133 industrial and Commercial Bank of China: use

contact person: Qiu Shengya contact:

contact address: No. 24, block n, Guangfo Hardware City, Huangqi, Nanhai District, Guangdong Province

Boda power tools

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this machine It is widely used in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, textile, home appliances and other occupations. Abstract: Zhejiang Boda Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Yongkang, Zhejiang, the capital of hardware in China. The company has been established since 1992. After hard work, hard work, continuous innovation, it has gradually developed into a collection of scientific research, manufacturing Sales as one of the most competitive professional power tool production and supply service providers in China. Boda's products cover more than 80 varieties of four series, including angle grinder, electric hand drill, electric hammer and stone cutting machine. Boda company aims to provide customers with the most competitive product solutions, actively introduce advanced equipment and technology, and create the most powerful R & D center in the same industry; Driven by scientific and technological innovation

contact: able to meet the requirements of different output 86020

contact address: No. 9, block g, hardware wholesale market, No. 23, huancuiyuan Heliu street, Nan'an Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

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