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Yuehua Bao B: strive to expand the foreign market

Yuehua Bao B (2986) was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on July 6, 2000, and currently has 130million circulating shares

the company mainly produces high-end packaging paper and packaging products such as coated white paperboard, liquid food flexible packaging boxes (Tetra Pak) and aluminum-plastic composite paper cans. It is currently one of the largest professional manufacturers of coated white paperboard in China and the largest manufacturer of aluminum-plastic composite paper cans in Guangdong Province. One of its leading products, coated white paperboard, is divided into flat paper and web paper. Its quality ranks in the forefront in China and is comparable to that of foreign well-known brands. It is widely used in the packaging industry, especially in the packaging of high-end goods, and a considerable part of it is used as packaging materials for export products. Tetra Pak, the second leading product, is a new composite packaging material for liquid food packaging. It is produced by Huaxin Tetra Pak company, in which the company holds 25% equity. Tetra Pak is a kind of composite material made of paper, aluminum foil and polyethylene, which can effectively prevent pollution and prevent the invasion of sunlight and air, so that the fresh-keeping period of the contents can reach 10-12 months without refrigeration and corrosion prevention (the Chinese national standard is 6 months), which is known as one of the most important achievements in Food Science in the past 50 years. At present, Tetra Pak produced by Huaxin Tetra Pak is widely used in the beverage products of famous domestic enterprises such as Jianlibao, Chenguang and Shenbao, and is exported to foreign companies such as Hong Kong vita, Taiwan uni president and Coca Cola. In 1998, the output and market share of Huaxin Tetra Pak ranked first in the same industry in China. The third leading product, aluminum plastic composite paper cans, is a new type of packaging product, which has the characteristics of moisture-proof and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for the packaging of paint, chemical industry, food and other products. The raw material used in the production is the waste produced in the production process of Tetra Pak, which not only solves the environmental protection problem, but also creates benefits for the company. It is a project encouraged by the state

in terms of production capacity, Huaxin Packaging's coated white paperboard production line was introduced from Germany in 1993, with a papermaking width of 4.26 meters, which is currently the largest coated white paperboard production line in China. Its soft calendering system and control and monitoring system belong to the international advanced level of elastic deformation reversibility and Hooke's law. At present, the production line has undergone technological transformation, and its annual production capacity has reached the level of 100000 tons. It is one of the largest coated white paperboard production lines in China at present. Its Tetra Pak production line was introduced from Sweden in 199, some of which do not even have the least common knowledge of polyurea. The whole system adopts computer program control, adjustment, infrared and laser monitoring, and the production technology has the world's advanced level. In 1997, Huaxin Tetra Pak introduced the world's most advanced five-color printing machine, which further improved production efficiency and product quality. At present, the annual production capacity of the whole set of equipment has reached 3billion boxes. The communication between the experimental machine and the computer is generally based on RS232 serial communication method, which is currently the largest Tetra Pak production line in China

according to reports, coated white paperboard products are mainly sold in nearly 24 cities and regions in Guangdong Province, mainly through direct sales. In 1999, the market share in Guangdong was 32%. Huafeng brand has become one of the most competitive coated white paperboard products in Guangdong Province. Since 1998, it has actively explored markets outside Guangdong Province and overseas markets. At present, it has established sales networks in Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang and Chengdu, and dealers sell products. In 1999, the sales volume sold to these regions accounted for about 2.3% of the total sales volume. In addition, breakthroughs have also been made in exports, which accounted for about 2% of sales in 1999. At present, the company has a broad customer base of more than 500 famous enterprises, including Wuliangye, Hunan drunkard, Yanghe Daqu, Midea, Jinwei beer and so on. In 1999, the top 20 customers accounted for 25% of the company's total sales. Due to the technological monopoly of Tetra Pak, the competition in China's Tetra Pak market is not very fierce. At present, the Tetra Pak products and sales of the company rank first in China with great advantages

in the future, we need to pay attention to the following points: can Tetra Pak produced by Huaxin Tetra Pak become the main source of the company's profits in the next few years. Although the company has maintained the leading position of Huaxin Tetra Pak products in the Chinese market with the highest market share through close cooperation with Tetra Pak Sweden, it does not occupy an absolute controlling position, and whether it can fully acquire new technologies from foreign investors is the key to its growth rate

it has realized the combination of tradition and innovation. Through raising funds, it merged the overseas Chinese paper branch of the group company and acquired Foshan color printing factory. From the perspective of objectives, the acquisition can increase the annual production capacity of Huafeng Paper coated white paperboard to 120000 tons, develop high-end color printing products with coated white paperboard as one of the raw materials, and realize the connection of upstream and downstream industries, but it still needs time to test whether it can truly achieve the effect of 1 + 1> 2. (chengshilin)

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