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With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, social progress, rapid economic development, the reform of the market economic system of shopping malls has changed from state-owned enterprises to individual private enterprises or private enterprises, and the number of commercial construction points has increased, the fire safety work will face many new problems and new situations, and efforts will be made to solve these new problems and new situations, It is another priority in the current fire prevention work. It is of great significance to maintain the current social stability, promote economic development, and build a harmonious society

II. The current situation and characteristics of small town business points

1. The current business street is restricted by the geographical ring of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other countries, which are gradually developing towards industrialized countries. It is located in a prime location, and people have the concept of "every inch of land, every inch of money". For example, in Qujiang Avenue in Donglan County, most of the old buildings and new buildings are adjacent to each other. The whole street is a "belt" shaped street, most of which appear as trading points of small commodities and department stores, basically forming a three in one integration of "accommodation, material warehouse and store Department". Among them, the production, operation and domestic use of fire, electricity, oil and gas are more complex. In order to pursue economic interests, businessmen put it into use without authorization after simple decoration. There is nothing about fire-fighting facilities and fire-fighting equipment. Once a fire occurs, it is very easy to form a continuous fire camp. For example, on March 6, 2005, a fire broke out at Li's trading point on the first floor of the former science and Technology Bureau on Qujiang Avenue, Donglan county. Fortunately, it was found that it was timely and immediately organized to put out the fire, which prevented a small fire from causing a major disaster

2. Most traders only set out from the interests of economic development, and built many illegal buildings. For example, Hunan merchants in Donglan town have touched a lot of markets. The streets of the Trade Street are full of shirts on both sides, seriously blocking the fire lane. Some buildings are built with wooden sheds for other purposes, and some small traders are caught in stitches. For example, merchants in grain and oil Street and Longtou street in Donglan county set up stalls everywhere, seriously affecting the smoothness of the fire lane and evacuation passage, Some functional departments ignored the punishment of illegal construction or the road occupation fee of stalls. Their problems have not been solved for a long time, and the hidden dangers are really worrying

3. The electrical circuit is old and disordered. It is mainly reflected in business points. For example, the Hunan Street business street in Donglan Town, relying on its natural geographical location, rented out the facades of centralized or individual houses. The whole street was full of clothing stores. The electrical lines were not laid according to the fire safety requirements, and there were no fire-fighting facilities and fire-fighting equipment, so it opened its business in a large scale

4. The fire-fighting facilities and fire-fighting equipment are insufficient, and the traders' awareness of fire prevention and fire-fighting is weak, lacking basic fire-fighting knowledge. All trading points engaged in various commodities are basically self-employed industrial and commercial households. In any case, there are phenomena of not equipped, lost, lack or damage to fire-fighting equipment. Many doors and windows are installed with anti-theft doors and windows, which is not conducive to safe evacuation. In May, 2005, during the special treatment of fire safety in shopping malls and markets, such problems were found through random inspection. For example, the fire-fighting equipment originally configured at the wholesale department in Phnom Penh on Qujiang Avenue in Donglan County, Liuzhou Jiayong Donglan chain store and other trading points, and the employees at each point were questioned. It was found that the employees could not use the fire-fighting equipment, and some of the originally configured fire-fighting equipment was even borrowed, so as to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the measured data, and the vehicle was used or borrowed for annual inspection, These traders have poor awareness of fire safety, and the development of individual and private economy cannot be guaranteed by fire safety

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