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Report on the business situation of plastic raw materials in Guangdong and Hong Kong

the US British coalition forces have invaded the center of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. The market is looking forward to the end of the war and Iraq's oil production is expected to return to normal. OPEC chairman Adia said that at present, the international crude oil market is in sufficient supply, and there is a possibility that the supply may exceed the demand. He proposed to hold an emergency meeting on April 24 to discuss measures to deal with the decline in international crude oil prices after the US British occupation of Iraq. Affected by OPEC's possible adjustment of production in the near future and Saudi Arabia's reduction of oil exports in May, the international crude oil price began to rebound after falling to a two-week low on April 7. On April 8, the May futures in New York, the United States, closed at $28/barrel, up $0.04, and Brent, the United Kingdom, closed at $24.60/barrel, up $0.02

due to sufficient supply, weak demand, and the continuous decline in international crude oil prices, Asian naphtha prices also fell sharply. It is reported that the increase in naphtha supply comes not only from the northeast and West Asia, but also from the Middle East. Market participants believe that naphtha from Kuwait, which is a by-product of Kuwait to meet the needs of the US British coalition aviation oil, was sold on the spot market, which hit the market and made buyers look for lower prices. At the same time, arbitrage goods from the Mediterranean to South Korea worsened the market, reducing the demand for Asian raw materials. At present, the reference quotation of naphtha in the Asian market is CFR Japanese dollars/ton, with a decrease of -4 ~ -3

in terms of ethylene monomer, the decline of crude oil price, naphtha price and PE price strengthened the downward trend of ethylene price, and the price in Northeast Asia fell by $30~40/ton. Due to the sluggish downstream demand, South Korean sellers are under the pressure of excess goods in May. Most of the seller's quotations take into account the trend of South Korea. At the same time, they are favored by automobile enterprises, and most buyers are on the sidelines. At present, the intention price of Taiwan buyers for ethylene is USD/ton (CFR Taiwan), while the seller's quotation is CFR Northeast Asia USD/ton, a decrease of -20 ~ -30 compared with last week

in terms of benzene monomer, at present, the factors affecting the price of benzene monomer are the price of crude oil and the market situation of downstream products. The seller is concerned about the upcoming conversion of several styrene monomer production plants, which can increase the consumption of benzene. At the same time, the seller also hopes that the arbitrage window into the United States will continue to open within a few months after the main source of this material is imported from abroad, which will give room for excess raw materials. The pessimism of styrene monomer price and the declining raw oil price still depress benzene price. Recently, the price of benzene PHB and P (HB – HV) soluble in organic solvents monomer still fell slightly. Most buyers are still in a wait-and-see attitude, market transactions are still light, and buyers hope that the price will be further weak. At present, the spot reference price is CFR Northeast Asia dollars/ton, with a decline of -40~-20, and CFR West Asia is used for transportation with higher requirements of $90/ton, with a decline of -30~-20

in terms of styrene monomer, after two weeks of continuous decline, the price of styrene monomer is still very unstable and may fall again. The weakness of downstream industry is a main reason, which makes styrene monomer users control the additional quantity of styrene monomer goods purchased. On the other hand, more styrene monomers will arrive in the next two months, which will only increase the inventory. Moreover, as China's May Day holiday approaches, many factories will shut down, and the situation may deteriorate further. At the same time, the fluctuation of raw material prices is also considered to be an influencing factor. This week, crude oil prices fell sharply, making benzene prices also begin to fall. The price of SM in East China fluctuated sharply. The price of styrene monomer was 6200~6300 yuan/ton last Friday, and market participants believed that there was still the possibility of price reduction

however, the seller hopes to maintain a high styrene monomer quotation, because the current and upcoming shutdown and overhaul will reduce the supply. In any case, the supply of styrene monomer may change once the shutdown and overhaul are started. The styrene monomer plant in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, will be shut down for maintenance for one month in mid April. A Japanese SM factory in Kashima is also scheduled to stop production for maintenance for one month from mid May. At present, a styrene monomer plant in South Korea continues to shut down due to the poor market economy, and may also continue to shut down for a week. At present, the spot price is $590~610/ton FOB South Korea, with a decline of -25~-30

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