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The "heavy equipment" made in Foshan, Guangdong Province, with a single unit value of billion yuan

Foshan's manufacturing industry has ushered in a major breakthrough. At present, it has been able to produce mechanical equipment with a single unit value of 100million yuan. On October 16, China Railway Huatun United heavy equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Railway Huatun") was officially unveiled in Shunde Lunjiao. At the same time, the world's first dual-mode shield machine with frozen cutterhead and composite grouting system, which was innovatively developed by China Railway Huadong tunnel, went offline in the company's production base. This shield machine with an excavation diameter of 9.13 meters will be used for the excavation of Guangzhou intercity rail project

customized for the geological environment of the Pearl River Delta

shield machine is known as "the most important thing of the country", which is mainly used in the construction of railways, highways, subsea tunnels, urban water supply and drainage pipelines. Its smooth manufacturing represents that the mechanical equipment industry in a region has developed to a high level

Slowly increase the pressure:

according to the relevant staff of China Railway Huaguan tunnel, this shield machine, which is more than 100 meters long and has an excavation diameter of 9.13 meters, is worth up to 100million yuan. After being offline, it will be applied to the new (Tang) Baiyun (Baiyun) Guangzhou DC electromechanical operation project invested and constructed by Guangdong Pearl River Delta Intercity Rail Transit Co., Ltd., which will produce sparks between brushes and commutators in the process of mechanical and electrical operation (Zhoubei) intercity rail project. "The rock, soil and waste residue produced by shield machine excavation will be transported outside the construction site by conveyor belt. This transportation mode refers to the principle of pangolin tunneling."

it is noteworthy that, as the world's first dual-mode shield machine with freezing cutterhead and composite grouting system, it is a slurry/earth pressure balance dual-mode shield machine, which has the construction advantages of slurry and earth pressure balance shield machines. Dual mode shield can fill the defect of single shield mode construction in complex stratum, and can realize fast switching between two different tunneling modes according to the stratum change, which not only ensures the high quality and efficiency of the project, but also ensures the safety of tunnel construction

"the Pearl River Delta region can be called the world geological museum, where a variety of geological environments such as sand layer and silt layer are mixed. Once the shield machine is excavated under the building, if it is not reinforced, the ground is likely to collapse." Ling Bo, general manager of China Railway Huadong tunnel, said that the freezing cutter head technology carried on the shield machine integrates the freezing method with the shield equipment, and designs the freezing cutter head of the shield machine, which is the first in the world. In addition, we provide vulnerable parts and spare parts for the new generation of Jinan gold testing equipment and most of the original systems. This technology can form a "frozen disc" around the cutter head, fully isolate groundwater, and increase the strength and stability of soil. In addition, the shield machine tool changing operation is carried out under the protection of frozen soil barrier, and the safety problem is solved. "This technology greatly simplifies the design and manufacturing difficulties of small-diameter shield machine, has obvious safety, reliability and wide applicability, meets the requirements of economic savings, duration guarantee and other requirements, and realizes the leapfrog development of shield machine technology."

Ling Bo said that the composite grouting system equipped in the shield machine is another highlight of this shield machine. "The composite synchronous grouting system is composed of a single liquid grouting system and a double liquid grouting system. During the shield tunneling process, it can realize the synchronous grouting of single and double liquid systems, as well as the independent grouting of a single system. This technology is suitable for shield construction in all kinds of strata, especially in complex strata such as upper soft and lower hard, and can effectively solve the construction problems of settlement control in special sections such as buildings, railways, pipelines, rivers, lakes and seas under the shield. With Like the freezing cutter head technology, it is also an international initiative. "

it plans to produce 50 large shield machines per year

China Railway Huatun is a high-end equipment manufacturing company established by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huatun Construction Co., Ltd. and Guangdong shunkong Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. through the mode of "central enterprise provincial enterprise local city". Its business scope includes the manufacturing, sales, technical consultation, technical service, remanufacture, etc. of shield, TBM, pipe jacking and other tunnel tunneling equipment, Undertake the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery, street crossing tunnel project, underground parking lot project, underground transportation hub project, etc

Ling Bo said that this dual-mode shield machine was designed and manufactured in Shunde, and it took only 8 months to complete the factory preparation

"in Shunde Lunjiao company, the annual production capacity of large shield machines is expected to reach 50, and can produce shield machines with a maximum diameter of 18 meters, ranking first in China." Zhao Hui, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Guangdong Huatun Construction Group Co., Ltd., said that this dual-mode shield machine with frozen cutterhead and composite grouting system is equipped with frozen cutterhead technology and parallel dual-mode shield machine construction technology, which are two patents of the company at the international leading level. Together with "MJS horizontal reinforcement construction technology" and "shield confidential departure and arrival technology", they are the "four inventions" of China tunnel construction group

"China Railway Huatun manufacturing base broke ground in July last year, and the relevant departments took the initiative to provide support and assistance in all aspects such as enterprise settlement, land use, and handling procedures. In just over a year, the base acceptance and shield machine product offline were achieved." Huang Hai, member of the Standing Committee of Shunde District Party committee, pointed out that Shunde is moving from a "manufacturing region" to a "strong industrial region", and various industries have also stepped onto a higher development platform, facing a series of once-in-a-lifetime major opportunities. He hoped that enterprises would strengthen innovation and research and development

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