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Guangdong Environmental Monitoring Center purchases 10.23 million testing instruments

Guangdong Provincial Government Procurement Center (hereinafter referred to as "centralized procurement agency") is entrusted by Guangdong Environmental Monitoring Center (hereinafter referred to as "purchaser") to conduct public bidding procurement for the 2012 central heavy metal pollution prevention special fund Guangdong air heavy metal monitoring instruments and related services procurement project. Qualified suppliers are welcome to participate

I. procurement project number: gpcgd141115hg057f

II. Procurement project name: 2012 central special fund for heavy metal pollution prevention and control Guangdong Provincial air heavy metal monitoring instruments and related services procurement project

III. procurement budget: a total of 10.23 million yuan

IV. project content and demand: (technical specifications, parameters and requirements of procurement project)

1 Purchase content:

package group 1: sampler and microwave digestion instrument

package group 2: Graphite digestion instrument

package group 3: automatic mercury analyzer and supporting equipment

budget amount:

package group 1: RMB 2.18 million

package group 2: RMB 2.25 million experimental results are automatically transmitted to the superior computer

package group 3: RMB 5.8 million

3 Delivery date: the equipment of each package group shall be supplied and delivered for use within 90 days after the contract is signed

4. Place of delivery and service: the designated location in Guangdong Environmental Monitoring Center

5. Alternative schemes are not acceptable for this project

6. The project has been approved by the financial department, and imported products are allowed to participate in the bidding.

bidders can bid for individual packages or all packages, but they should bid for all the bidding contents in the package, and it is not allowed to bid only for some of the contents in the package

v. bidding supplier qualification:

1 The supplier shall meet the conditions specified in Article 22 of the government procurement law

2. The supplier must be an enterprise legal person registered in the people's Republic of China with independent civil capacity, and submit a copy of the copy of the valid business license of the enterprise legal person when bidding

3. If the bidder is not the manufacturer or agent distributor of the equipment, it must submit the original of the letter of authorization for bidding issued by the manufacturer. The agent distributor must submit valid sales agent qualification certificates (copies)

4. Those who have registered and obtained the procurement documents of this project

VI. qualified bidding suppliers should purchase bidding documents from the Guangdong Provincial Government Procurement Center (detailed address: one of 118 Yuehua Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou) from April 1, 2014 to April 11, 2014 (during office hours, except legal holidays). Each set of bidding documents is priced at 150 yuan (RMB), and after-sale is non refundable

VII. Deadline for bid submission: 09:30, April 23, 2014

VIII. Place of submission of bid documents: Room 903, No. 118, Yuehua Road, Guangzhou

IX. time of bid opening: 20 experimental data show that at 09:30, April 23, 2014

X. place of bid opening: Room 903, No. 118, Yuehua Road, Guangzhou

Xi. The amount of bid security for this bidding is:

package group 1: RMB 21000 from Nanjing University More than 140 professors and experts from 15 colleges and universities including central China Normal University and Xiangtan University will attend the meeting and make academic reports

package group II: RMB 22000

package group III: RMB 58000

12. In order to further play the role of government procurement policy and effectively alleviate the pressure of enterprise capital shortage, according to the spirit of government procurement credit guarantee related policies, The suppliers of this project are welcome to bid (offer experimental machines for rubber, plastic, metal, nonmetal and other materials). They can use financing guarantee means. The specific matters of financing guarantee can be directly contacted and discussed with the professional guarantee institution agreed by this institution, or directly contacted and discussed with relevant financial institutions

contact person of centralized procurement agency: Mr. Xiao

: 1619

Fax: 991683301107

contact address: No. 118, Yuehua Road, Guangzhou City

postal code: 510030

contact person of the purchaser: Miss Zhang

: 8603

postal code: 510000

Guangdong Provincial Government Procurement Center

April 1, 2014

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