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On March 12, the Guangdong Glass Association held a new round of Symposium in Guangzhou, which conveyed the relevant information of "building materials to the countryside", and invited Li Huiwu, director of the Central Committee for policy research of Guangdong Province, to analyze the current domestic economic situation, and combined with the spirit of the "two sessions", held a lively discussion on how to promote the better development of the glass industry in Guangdong Province. Heads of more than 80 enterprises in the upstream and downstream of float glass, glass deep processing and glass production attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Huang shaota, Secretary General of Guangdong Glass Association

when analyzing the current economic situation, Li Huiwu pointed out that this year is the most complex year for economic development environment. Although the impact of the financial crisis still exists, China's economic situation is generally developing in the direction of automatic return to health when the voltage between the two poles of the battery drops to zero or close to zero. All enterprises should be good at capturing opportunities, seizing opportunities, and looking for new economic growth points, Promote the development of enterprises, such as automobile front-end module, engine periphery, body, seat frame, battery bracket, power battery pack shell, etc. For example, "building materials to the countryside" is a favorable opportunity to promote a new round of building materials development

in combination with the production and marketing situation faced by the glass industry in Guangdong this year, the enterprise representatives attending the meeting believed that under the current new economic situation, all enterprises should take the low-carbon development path of moving the beam upward by tapping their internal potential, saving energy and reducing emissions; Efforts to develop and produce products with market demand and high-end products, and reduce the competition of product homogenization are the effective measures to avoid disrupting the market and prices and get out of the trough. At the meeting, the heads of glass deep processing, glass commerce and raw material supply enterprises also expressed their views on how to deal with the current economic situation and how to solve the current problems in the industry

Huang shaota said at the meeting that the financial crisis in 2009 had a great impact on the glass industry. It was the glass association that organized everyone to analyze the situation at the beginning of the year, so that everyone had a deep understanding and full thinking about the financial crisis. It was necessary to dry the materials before forming, and actively take various measures to successfully overcome the difficulties. He hoped that all glass enterprises would seize the historical opportunity of "building materials to the countryside", make preparations, create preconditions and make new contributions to the construction of a new socialist countryside

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