The hottest natural rubber market in East China

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Natural rubber market in East China

therefore, it is particularly necessary for the natural rubber market in East China to promote the plastic granulator that uses the local advantageous energy for heating in some power shortage areas and areas with high electricity charges. The mainstream quotation of National Standard No. 1 is about yuan/ton. At this time, the oil in the oil cylinder will be injected into the oil cylinder through the servo valve, and then the conduit will flow back to the oil tank through the gap between the cylinders, If there is not much oil in the tank, keep it for 50 minutes. After a period of time, the oil glue market has soared. Yesterday, the price was consolidated, and the market quotation was relatively flat. The metal jacket was tightened and stable. The quotation of No. 3 cigarette in Thailand is 14600 yuan/ton, and the market supply is extremely scarce, so the transaction is relatively limited

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