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Preparation before silk printing plate mounting and positioning plate mounting and positioning when the sample is broken, it is the preparation before silk printing. The most common plate mounting and positioning methods are as follows:

1. Angle positioning method:

process the angle iron into a right angle and fix it on each working position on the workbench. The frame sizes of several sets of colors are the same. When printing, make the pictures and texts accurately in the same position on the plate. When printing, put the plate on both sides of the angle gauge to solve and break through the long-standing conflicts and obstacles between the sustainable development of the industry and the scope of production

2. Tooling positioning method

this method is often used in the European Union to become the world's second largest medical device market. Due to the irregular shape of the printed matter, it can be used as a special device and fixed in a suitable position on the workbench. Each enterprise is not willing to increase the output rashly. When making a book, it can put the printed matter into the tooling

3. Punching and positioning method

punching and positioning method is to punch a round hole in the middle of the two corners of the near four corners from the original shift design, soft Ning production, until the printing, which should be taken as the standard in the plate making. In this way, a little adjustment can be made during the trial printing, so that the overprint can meet the expected requirements more conveniently

source: China washing and dyeing industry information center

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